Vestige Vertige | Enki Bilal
Artcurial | National Archeological Museum of Venice

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice, with the support of Artcurial, from May 11t to July 31st, 2017 hosts the installation Vestige – Vertige by the artist Enki Bilal. Studio and Settings has taken care of the design, construction and technical direction of the structure: metal cage, glass floor, wood paneling methacrylate, sensor audio system, […]

Research Pavilion 2017 | University of the Arts Helsinki
Sala del Camino | Venice

University of the Arts Helsinki organises a Research Pavilion at the Sala del Camino in Campo San Cosmo, Giudecca, Venezia, in concomitance with the 57. Venice Biennale. Studio and settings has taken care of the production of the pavilion: catering, flower design, pubblic relations, permits, audio and video devices, staff management, pub, press release, logistic.